Moms & Dads,

Welcome to our Love & Hope Family Fitness and Play Page

We take our family & kids programs serious as this is the stage where the fundamentals are taught and children our most impressionable.   So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us and the classes we offer. We hope to see you in one of our classes!  

Ultimate Value Membership

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited Kids / Family Fitness Classes
  • Unlimited Stay & Play
  • 2 Drop & Shops per Month
  • 10% off Birthday Party Packages & Kids' Social Events
  • Kids are entered into the Love's Kids Club

Mommy & Me - Family Fitness Kids Yoga - Yoga Baby & Stretch

Mommy & Me Fitness


This class is designed to give you and your child a total body workout.  You will get in shape as we teach them the fundamentals of exercise while creating a positive bonding experience.   Classes will involve dynamic group warm ups, isometrics, HIIT & core, followed by children's yoga and power 15 for parents!

Tuesday 11:15 AM - 12 PM  (3-5 year olds)

Thursday 10 AM - 10:45 AM (3-5 year olds)

Thursday 6 PM - 6:45 PM (5+)

Saturday 9 AM - 9:45 AM (5+)

Family Fitness


Our ever changing workout designed to give you and your family a fun fitness adventure and burn calories.  The focus on this class is games, challenges where the family can workout as a unit and create a healthy and positive lifestyle.  Classes will involve fun contests, group warm ups, core development, yoga and much much more!

Tuesday 6 PM - 6:45 PM (5+)

Yoga Baby & Parent Stretch


Baby yoga classes generally offer a mixture of movement and relaxation exercises.  Classes often begin with a warm-up using songs and simple moves, including infant massage and related moves, to welcome mothers and babies to class. Classes then progress to include elements such as yoga moves adapted for babies (such as mini twists, mini stretches, upper and lower body movements, diagonal movements).  *Please bring a soft blanket & yoga mat.

Monday 12:15 PM - 1 PM (Ages 3 mo - 12 mo)

Kids Yoga


  A great way to move around and explore with others in the same age group!  This class and the poses offered are approachable and geared towards building confidence.  We make sure to keep it interesting and fun while introducing bits of yoga knowledge.

Tuesday 6 PM - 6:45 PM   (Ages 4-7)

Thursday 5:15 PM - 6 PM  (Ages 8-12)



As your child grows, gets stronger and is on the move a world of wonder is revealed. Now your child is on the move, climbing on everything in sight. We provide a safe environment to meet other new explorers, build strength and develop coordination.

Parents must stay with their child for this class.

Monday 11 AM - 11:45

Friday 11:15 AM - 12 PM

2 - 5 Years Old

Kids Sports Development


Our coaches will teach the fundamentals of most major sports. Your child will learn to throw, catch, run, hit, pass and shoot—all while developing an understanding of cooperation, teamwork and positive attitude.

Monday 10 AM - 10:45 AM

Ages 3-5 years old

Love's Personal Training - Mall Location

Parent Personal Training


Bring your child where they get free admission to play in a safe & supervised environment while you get a One on One Personal Training sessions at our Great Lakes Mall location.  We have 30 and 45 minute options available starting at $1.  The longer your workout the lower per minute cost! 

Times will be determined with your trainer using the calendly scheduler.  Child admission is included ($10 value).

Parent and Child Personal Training


Get a great workout while hand in hand with your child!  Partnering exercises, games and duplication will be a large part of this innovative workout.  Develop strength, shed pounds, and achieve your fitness vision while teaching your child the fundamentals of fitness and create a positive bonding experience all for $1.25 a minute!  We have 30 & 45 minute sessions available.  Children must be 5+.

Times will be determined with your trainer using the calendly scheduler. Younger siblings can receive free admission to play while you train.

Couples Workout


Obtaining fitness goals can be challenging when partners are not on the same page, so we have created a program that focuses on teamwork.  Studies show that often times people fail their fitness goals due to a lack of support.  This workout is designed to be fun, challenging, bonding and easier when done together!  Children admission is free while training and workouts are 45 minutes all for $60.

Times will be determined with your trainer using the calendly scheduler.  Child admission is included ($10 Value).

Kids Sports Development & Camps

Summer Sports Fest 2020


August 10-14th!

Play sports and meet new friends this summer!  Each session includes a group of lessons from sports pros, along with a variety of activities.  Snacks / beverages will be provided and lunches should be brought to camp (refrigerators are available).  Camp will take place at the Wildwood Cultural Center in Mentor between 10 AM - 3 PM!  If weather prohibits outdoor activity, activities will be moved indoors.  

Soccer - Softball - Kickball - Flag Football - Yoga - Group Fitness

Ages: 6 - 11