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We take pride in our philosophy that training for betterment or athletic performance requires dedication to the task at hand.  Whether your brand new to working out, trying to set new goals for yourself, or an athlete we will keep your eyes on the horizon for that challenge.

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Record of Success


"I look forward to Mike's classes!  He challenges me each week with his workouts that are sometimes off the charts HARD!  Love it!  In fact, there are exercises that I either have never seen before, or that I would never dream of doing on my own.  That said, it's nice to see that he also provides modifications to those who may just be starting their fitness goals. This is a characteristic of a good trainer.

As a runner training for several half marathons this year, his training is a great compliment to achieving the goals that I have set for myself for these upcoming races."

Michele Taddeo


"Training with Mike helped guide me and prepare me for what and how I was expected to train at the collegian level.  You just won't pick up the speed and agility training or the technique needed by training on your own or at an ordinary gym."

Kelsey Dye

Carroll College Women's Soccer 2010-2013


"My journey into personal training started with Coach Mike Hope in 2006 as I entered into an undergraduate program in Exercise Science, Wellness and Fitness. Over the course of my training and internship with him (culminated in 2009), he demonstrated to be the epitome of a personal trainer and elite level strength and conditioning coach. His ability to clearly articulate, demonstrate, and correct simple to complex exercise and movement techniques is superb. His ability to conduct large group speed and agility camps is amazing by being able to connect with every athlete on the field or in the gym with him. I would without a doubt send any of my athletes to train with Coach Hope having the confidence that they will come away being faster, stronger, more powerful and robust athletes."

Daniel Heller, Founder of Seattle Institute of Athletic Performance


Mike at the Mt. Rainier Strongman Competition - 3rd Place 2007


Meeting Seattle Seahawk's coach, Pete Carroll


Hanging out with MTV at Venice Beach, CA